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Catherine Zehrt, the founder of Healthy-Family-Eating.com has 2 little girls – Megan who is 5 and Jenna who is 3.

She learned her awareness for healthy food from her mom who always put so much effort into cooking delicious healthy meals every day. Her parents have 4 children so her mom had her hands full!

Catherine's dad has high blood pressure and high cholesterol which was mostly hereditary, so her family always concentrated on having low-fat, healthy food. Her mom would cut out excess fat, use low-fat dairy products and as she learned more about how to make healthier food choices, Catherine learned along with her.

Catherine always had a very keen interest in nutrition and what impact food has on the body. She always loved sports so was particularly interested in how certain foods can boost performance levels etc. From there Catherine's interest developed and grew along with her family and she did a lot of research and learning as she wanted to make sure her children started out their lives on the very best nutritional foot! I started playing around with recipes I came across and made them healthier by trimming fat, using lean cuts, reducing the amount sugar or salt and using whole-grains as much as possible.

As her family grew, Catherine's days becoming increasingly hectic and she was always looking for and trying to create quick and healthy meals for her family. She realised how many other parents out there are also looking for easy healthy recipes that are quick to prepare and as a result this website - Healthy Family Eating - was born.

About Me and This Site

Catherine came across an advertisement for Site Build It! and was very intrigued by what she saw. She watched an introductory video and was most intrigued by how many people were working from home and making money from their Site Build It! websites. The idea of doing this in her own time in her own home while still being able to put her family’s needs first really appealed to her. She also loved the idea of earning money even in her sleep and even when the family was away on vacation!

The more she saw, the more she liked what she saw. Catherine also loved the fact that anybody can do it and didn’t need any prior knowledge of the internet or how to build a website. Everything she would need to know, she would learn with SBI. What really sold Catherine was the no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee!

I thought that if it’s not what I expect then at least I’ve lost nothing, but if I don’t at least try, I’ll never know. I am now a

work at home mom and am so happy to say that I’ve never looked back!

Here are some short testimonials from real SBI! customers whose lives have been changed by Site Build It!.

"Tamar and I did lots and lots of research on kid birthday parties and started experimenting with our ideas on kids and during parties whenever the opportunity arose. We wrote up lots of content for the site and I was in charge of strategy and building the site from a technical aspect (although, with Site Build It!, you really don't need any technical knowledge because you can build a site through simple building blocks and monitor every aspect of traffic through a consolidated control center.). In no time, both of us became kid birthday junkies."
~ Elad Shippony

"I feel so fortunate to be a part of it and I suppose I'd be considered "one of the lucky ones," living the best of both worlds... at home to raise my kids, giving them the gift of always being there for them, while running a successful business at the same time. Passion, freedom and fulfillment... does it get any better?!"
~ Michelle Schill

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