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Salmon Recipes

We've got some great salmon recipes for you that delicious and healthy too!

Salmon is full of omega 3 fatty acids that you've heard so much about in the news. Increasing your omega 3 consumption provides a whole host of health benefits including improved brain function, control of cholesterol levels, and preventing Alzheimer's disease.

Our healthy salmon recipes makes it easy to add Omega 3s to your diet and it makes our heart healthy foods list too!

Salmon is also full of protein to keep your hunger satisfied longer.

Our Salmon Recipes

Baked Salmon Fillet Recipe
Our salmon filet recipes are quick and easy and oh so delicious! It uses my favorite teriyaki sauce recipe for a scrumptious dinner.

Best Grilled Salmon Recipe
This simple dinner idea tastes great and takes minutes to prepare!

Salmon Patties Recipe
Kids can help make our yummy salmon patties and it's quick and easy using canned salmon.

Baking Salmon
Baking salmon is an easy way to cook all year-round! Check out our quick and easy dijon salmon recipe for a yummy change.

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