Caffeine Withdrawl Horrors

by Janet

I had suffered a major anxiety attack at work one day, and tried to figure out what my problem was. After careful consideration (I am on low dose HRT) I realized it must be the large McDonalds coffee I was purchasing on my way to work...this being my second cup of the day. A large McDonalds coffee is equivalent to an extra large Tim Hortons for those of you who frequent that establishment.
My quest for a caffeine free existence ensued. Day one things didn't go to badly, I ended the day with a nagging headache. Day 2 I woke up and had a decaf. My research ascertained that one decaf was equivalent to 1/10th of an 8oz. cup of the regular stuff. The rest of the day I spent popping Ibuprofen without much result. Day three I woke up with NO headache!! This lasted for about 2-4 hours then the headache was back. I am currently on day five, consuming up to 2 caffeine free coffees a day, and am still suffering from the dreaded headaches...will it ever end? Can I continue to consume a cup of decaf of my beloved coffee? (I drink it black Kuerig style). Will I ever be free from the the withdrawl symptoms? Time will tell....

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