Healthy Breakfast Menu Ideas

A healthy breakfast menu is so important to get the day off to a good start!

I'm always looking for new healthy breakfast recipes for me and my family as I get bored easily! We can set a good example for our children by letting them see us making time for a healthy breakfast every morning. This will help them understand the importance of breakfast. Just as long as it’s healthy it can be as simple or complicated as you have time for.

Research has proven that children who eat breakfast have better attention levels and are less at risk for developing obesity. They perform better academically, socially and emotionally. Some studies have even linked breakfast with increased longevity and less chronic disease.

Healthy Breakfast Menu Ideas

  • Whole-wheat or rye toast with nut butter and a piece of fruit.

  • A healthy muffin with yoghurt and fresh fruit.

  • Whole-wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese.

  • High fibre hot cereals like oats (oatmeal). This will keep you feeling full for longest as oats take longer to digest - therefore releasing the energy very slowly into the bloodstream leaving you feeling fuller for longer. I can vouch for this one!

  • High fibre cold cereals – beware of those that have too much added sugar, fat, salt and additives.

  • Granola – here is a wonderfully tasty and easy recipe so you can make your own.

  • Eggs – try poaching or scrambling for a healthier alternative. If you have a very good non-stick pan, you can fry with the bare minimum of fat – try using olive or coconut oil.

  • Fresh fruit - a great addition to the above breakfast ideas to make a well rounded meal.

  • Low fat breakfast smoothie.

  • Low fat yoghurt with fresh fruit.

  • This wonderful information really helps increases our understanding of the importance of breakfast. What I love about this meal is that it can be as quick and easy or elaborate as you want it to be. I also think it’s a great way of getting the family together for a chat first thing in the morning.

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