Real Food for Real Fat Loss- recipe

by Trudy the Real Foody
(California, USA)

Chicken Corn Avocado Salsa

Chicken Corn Avocado Salsa

My Mother passed away at the age of 56 as the result of a obesity related heart failure. Since then I quit my 6 figure salary in the corporate world and became a personal trainer and nutrition advisor to try and prevent this happening to others.
After years and years of research I have discovered that the best way to lose
weight is to make it realistic to family life. Nothing drastic like diet pills or
starvation ever works. It needs to be just eating real food So I am passing on all my knowledge to as many people as I can.
So I would like to share this fat loss recipe that takes 20minutes or less and is just eating real food for real fat loss. My family love it. I hope yours does too.

Chicken & Onion Avocado Salsa
Ingredient ½ Sliced avocado 2 Chicken Breasts, fat trimmed off then halve the chicken or butterfly for faster cooking 2 Med tomatoes 7oz can low salt Sweet corn kernels ½ - 1 Onion- browned ½ - ¾ Lemon freshly squeezed

Directions: 1. In a lightly oiled, non stick pan, slightly brown onions and push to side of pan. Add the chicken and start to cook chicken on med-high heat (approx 5-7 minutes). To keep chicken moist, add a dash of chicken broth and lemon juice. 2. While chicken is cooking, dice avocado and tomato into a small mixing bowl. Add the drained corn. 3. Add squeezed lemon juice to mixing bowl and stir. 4. Serve chicken and onions onto plates and poor salsa mix over the top. SUBSTITUTIONS:  Can use Turkey breast for leaner meat Can use packaged lemon juice if fresh not available

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Delicious and healthy!
by: Tammy

I share your food philosophy and I am anxious to try your delicious looking recipe!

This recipe is a healthy way to incorporate the healthy fats of avocado and the lean protein from chicken or turkey.

Thanks for sharing your fantastic recipe and picture!

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